About Us

Who we are

We are a group of "big" children who love toys. Toys are not just a recreational item for us, but our dreams.

We believe that whether you are a child or a "big" child, whether you are rich or poor, we must maintain the original innocence and smile in our hearts like Einstein.


Einstein Toy's Value’


The foundation for dreaming. Wonder how and imagine another method, ask why and think possible explanation. Dreaming is the first step toward doing it.


Fun is being played together with your friend, family even strangers. Fun is the happiness when we are fully engaged in something that requires credibility. Fun is our abilities being stronger when we are getting closer to a goal


Learning is a process that leads to change, acquiring new knowledge, understanding, and skill. We learn through play by putting things together, unlocking the new way to solve the problem, using our own minds to build. Finally, create new things and develop new ways of thinking about ourselves, and the world.